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Greece, Syros Island – Hiking in the Princess of the Aegean

Although Syros is not as famous as its well-known neighbors (Mykonos, Paros, Naxos or Santorini), it is the capital of the Greek Islands Cyclades and Administrative center (the Cyclades is also known as the Cyclades). A popular tourist attraction, but this in itself is a good reason to visit.

Syros Ermoupolis
Ermoupolis town Syros c. Hans Peter Schaefer, Wikipedia  

The history of the island, especially the capital Ermoupoli (also known as Ermoupoli) is the capital of the Cyclades. With cobblestone streets and magnificent neoclassical and Venetian architecture, it is more interesting and culturally more diverse than most other Cyclades. Includes 56 islands, of which 24 are inhabited. Outside the city, you just want to explore breathtaking scenery.

Drive to Fish Hook

Fish Hook Syros
Fish Hook

From my house in the midwest of the island, I looked north along the coast and saw the top of a fishing hook about 10 kilometers away. That’s why I have always admired this remote rock, the rugged and uninhabited upper part-Syros / Sira represents the rock. I have traveled around this mysterious and fascinating place by ferry many times, but I have never travelled that far.

When my fearless and adventurous English companion (I am Australian) and the experienced traveler (Gordon) said he knew the way, I took the opportunity. We set off on a warm, sunny spring day in May.

From our village of Kini, we had to drive to the end of the northernmost road on the island, which represented the landscape of Campo. -After an hour’s drive, it is fascinating in itself, you pass the famous Khalandriani archaeological site.

It was from here that the Caracara artifacts (carbon dating back to 2500 BC) were discovered and are now displayed in the Louvre. …British Museum and other museums in Paris, London. The highest part of the island, coupled with the remoteness of its remote, provides a truly otherworldly experience. Think about the lunar landscape and so on, especially in Gramata Bay.The feeling of isolation is everywhere here.


Grammata Bay

2-hour trek from Kambos to the top

In Kambos, we left the car and started a two-hour walk, following the narrow path to the top of the island, where wild goats go more often than curious people. Along the central ridge of this trail, you can admire the magnificent views of nearby Andros, Tinos and east of Mykonos.

The Yaros, Kea and Kythnos in the venomous snakes in these places are highly venomous and can cause infection. If the bite does not heal quickly, it will result in death. This is impossible in such a remote place. As Australians, people are always skeptical of this possibility. We know not to disturb snakes and amanita from hibernation by shaking our feet on narrow roads.

The rugged and dry terrain and flora can withstand hot, dry and windy summers. The area is still in bloom, and parts of it are covered by solid ground and covered with bushes in spring. Sage and thyme are local natural people, and their wonderful smell adds absolute beauty.We can see sixty or more wild goats roaming on the mountainside under the warm sun and dense vegetation. After the cold and windy winter, this must be the best time of the year. Unique appearance.

It is larger and hairier than goats in most other places. This remote place protects them from natural enemies, so this is their territory. It was a very peaceful day, and the sea below us was so calm and peaceful that it created a surreal environment. The ferry is only one kilometer away from us. This is the only reminder of civilization and our invasion of this noble place.

Fish Hook, SyrosFinal destination – other end of fish hook

From here, I can look south along the coast and see the dim outline of my house, which is the outline we arrived a few hours ago.

The long trek back

After the “mission is complete” (and after checking another box to explore this wonderful island), we embarked on a long and difficult journey. When we got in the car and waited for us, it was already dark. We were exhausted, but out of adventurous mood, we drove to a local tavern in the nearby town of Samichalis.

There, we met with other friends who were not too adventurous and enjoyed the well-deserved traditional Greek mountain food. Sunny Syros, a beautiful and exciting day. They said that the important thing is not the goal, but the road. This time.


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